2024 Art Central Hong Kong


艸愚軒榮幸地宣布我們將參與今年度Art Central Hong Kong,並為各位帶來兩個展區的精彩作品。

在Duk Dak的個展位置,我們將呈現菲律賓藝術家JOAR SONGCUYA的個人展覽,他將作為輪機工程師的十年航程中他所見的、所經歷的一切持續變化的正負面流動景象、情緒表達於最新的遠古海洋探尋之旅系列創作之上。

Yi Tai展位艸愚軒將呈現藝術家ANDREA SAMORY的巨幅雕塑,我們將展出的最新且標誌性的奇美拉系列,Yi-Tai展位作為Art Central Hong Kong的展場主視覺之一,我們將展出的奇美拉系列延伸作品。


WANGALLERY is delighted to announce our participation in this year's Art Central Hong Kong, bringing you exciting works across two exhibition areas.

At our solo exhibition space at Duk Dak, we will present a personal showcase of Filipino artist JOAR SONGCUYA, featuring the evolving landscapes and emotional expressions he has encountered throughout his decade-long journey as a marine engineer, captured on canvas.

At our Yi Tai area, we will present a sculpture by artist ANDREA SAMORY, a large-scale extension of his Chimera series, serving as one of the visual highlights of Art Central Hong Kong.

We cordially invite you to visit our booths during the event.

Venue - 2024 Art Central Hong Kong
MAR 28 - MAR 31, 2024