本次展覽由艸愚軒總監萬志軒(1998,台灣)策劃,展呈張般源(1991,台灣)以及現居日本的義大利藝術家Andrea Samory(1991,義大利)的作品,以母題「當代社會的身體邊界The Body Boundary of Contemporary Society」回應當代人類世中肉身、社會角色的液態樣貌及想像。

展覽的主題中,「Boundary」一詞被翻譯為「邊界」,而其字根「bond」卻有連結和聯繫之意。在這次展覽中,兩位藝術家的作品模糊了邊界的定義,Andrea Samory的奇美拉系列作品透過當代科技召喚了野性的歷史神話,而張般源的圖像系列則回應了肉身易碎性以及在「自我」、生物和醫學技術科學凝視下產生的在對生命、身份和自然詮釋以外的異質性觀點。兩位藝術家透過藝術生產,投射了未來生物技術所揭示的生命形式。


文 / 萬志軒 (總監)

This exhibition, curated by the director of WAN GALLERY, CHIH HSUAN WAN (Taiwan, 1998), showcases the works of Ban Yuan Chang  (Taiwan, 1991) and Italian artist Andrea Samory (Italy, 1991), currently residing in Japan. The overarching theme explores "The Body Boundary of Contemporary Society."

In interpreting the theme of the exhibition, the term "Boundary" is translated as "邊界," with its root "bond" carrying connotations of connection and association. Within this exhibition, the artworks of both Andrea Samory and Ban Yuan Chang intentionally blur the conventional definitions of boundaries. Andrea Samory's Chimera series employs contemporary technology to evoke historical myths, while Ban Yuan Chang's image series responds to the fragility of the human form. It also engages with the gaze of "self," biology, and medical scientific technology, presenting a heterogeneous perspective beyond the conventional interpretations of life, identity, and nature. Through the vehicle of artistic creation, both artists project a glimpse into the life forms that future biotechnologies might unveil.

For current generation, we areengage  in a society undergoing rapid transformations, navigating through challenges such as viruses, wars, shifts in self-identity, and environmental upheavals. Against this backdrop, this exhibition delves into the inquiry of how the boundaries of the human body come into existence. Are they born from the pain of scars or illnesses, or do they emerge as a result of the profound changes, accompanied by feelings of powerlessness and self-compression? The works of these two artists appear to present not only diverging paths of future imagination but also a retrospective examination of human history. Their artistic expressions serve as responses to the intrinsic observations of existence within a consumer-centric society. At the core of their artistic reflections lies an exploration of life experiences, offering insights into what they, as artists, perceive and how they contemplate the zeitgeist's perspective on self-awareness.

Texts / CHIH HSUAN WAN(Managing Director)

Venue - Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei  JR東日本大飯店

藏家預展 01.26 (Fri,) 11:00-14:00
貴賓預展 01.26 (Fri.) 14:00-19:00
公眾開放 01.27 - 01.28 (Sat.-Sun.)11:00-19:00